[fosscomm] Help required to form FOSSCOM as analternate Industry and Civil Society body to NASSCOM

Jaijit Bhattacharya jaijit at dms.iitd.ac.in
Wed Jul 8 02:59:37 PDT 2009

Good idea.

1. Can we have a wiki where I can put the first cut and it can be evolved
till 10.00 PM tonight and whatever is there is what we pick up, clean up
in terms of syntax and spellings and adopt as FOSSCOMM stand

2. Both Venky and I cannot represent FOSSCOMM as we are very visible to
the government. It will look like a cheap ploy for us to present the same
views through another platform. Therefore, may I suggest Prabir
Purkhaystha to officially present it to the government. Besides the fact
that he is in Delhi and understands government and politics very well, his
superb articulation and resplendent grey hair (apologies for the pun)
would help our cause greatly.

Moderator: Can you please send me the link where I can create this wiki.


> I would like to request Jaijit/Venky, since they have played a key role
> historically on this issue, to 'sum up' FOSSCOMM position as they see it
> and share with the list.
> That can be the basis for evolving the position that they can represent
> FOSSCOMM on the apex committee.
> In addition there was another specific proposal that we should seek the
> membership of FOSSCOMM in the Apex Committee itself.
> regards,
> Guru
> Raj Mathur wrote:
>> On Wed, Jul 8, 2009 at 2:35 PM, Gora Mohanty<gora at srijan.in> wrote:
>>> >From the discussions on the list, and the various blogs
>>> referenced to, my understanding was that there was a
>>> broad, if unspoken, consensus. If I could take the liberty
>>> to sum it up, it would be that we are generally in
>>> enthusiastic agreement with the policy outlined in the
>>> document, apart from certain loopholes in Sec. 6.
>> Can we just end the controversy by creating a single document that
>> states FOSSCOMM stance on the draft policy?  Once that is done each
>> member (individual/organisation) of FOSSCOMM can decide whether
>> s/he/they support that stance or not, and our representatives can be
>> very clear about whom they are representing to GoI.  Without a formal
>> document representing a (maximal) consensus stance, we will be lost in
>> semantics forever.
>> Regards,
>> -- Raj
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