[fosscomm] Help required to form FOSSCOM as an alternate Industry and Civil Society body to NASSCOM

Raj Mathur raju at linux-delhi.org
Wed Jul 8 00:06:47 PDT 2009

2009/7/8 Guru गुरु <guru at itforchange.net>:
> [snip]
> In my view this is a clear core FOSSCOMM issue/activity. This was also
> the consensus in the Delhi meeting and if anyone has reservations, request
> them to share their thoughts. I see several mails on the list
> supporting the draft policy (including of course from CIS as well) and
> seeking its formal release by GOI.
> Earlier mails on this list provide the documents and the background
> information and I am not repeating the same here.
> I am sure we will all agree that getting this policy released in its
> current draft will provide a very huge thrust to FOSS adoption in India
> and conversely, if the policy accepts multiple standards, it will be a
> very significant loss to FOSS. Hence we need to get our individual and
> collective energies into this issue.
> Given the urgency and criticality, I propose that on this specific
> issue (supporting the release of the draft policy by the DIT),
> 1. We apply for membership of the Apex committee as FOSSCOMM and
> 2. We should request Jaijit and Venky (and any other person keen to
> participate in this activity) to represent FOSSCOMM in the Apex
> Committee
> so that we can counter the NASSCOM position effectively.

Fully agreed.  Additionally, I'd suggest the following:

1. Documentation of a consensus policy that FOSSCOMM represents to
GoI.  This shouldn't be too difficult given that all the concerns
voiced regarding the draft policy are more or less in sync.

2. Prior notice of any meetings where the selected representatives
could be supported by members of other local groups (e.g. FSF, ILUGD,


-- Raj

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