[fosscomm] Help required to form FOSSCOM as an alternate Industry and Civil Society body to NASSCOM

Gora Mohanty gora at srijan.in
Tue Jul 7 14:52:16 PDT 2009

On Wed, 8 Jul 2009 01:11:44 +0530 (IST)
"Jaijit Bhattacharya" <jaijit at dms.iitd.ac.in> wrote:

> Dear All,
> Based on all the discussions that I had today, it is very clear
> that NASSCOM and MAIT will be presenting the "industry" view of
> the Draft Policy Standards for e-Governance being unacceptable.

Sorry, a newcomer to the list, and just read the standard.
It does actually look good apart from the items in Sec. 6
pointed out by various people.

> I therefore request you to send me an email approval of your
> organization being represented by FOSSCOM for the Draft Policy on
> Standards for e-Governance at the Apex Committee. If you can send
> this by today, then the FOSSCOM representatives in Delhi can
> start lobbying for FOSSCOM to be included in the Apex Committee.

I appreciate the urgency of the matter, but we (as in
ILUG-Delhi) will need at least a few days to arrive at a
consensus. What deadline are we looking at for the letters to be
sent? I seem to recall reading a date of July 15th. A draft of our
response is on the Wiki at

> Also, it would be extremely helpful if those in Delhi could
> volunteer to lobby for FOSSCOM to be included in the Apex
> Committee.

It might be useful if we actually constituted FOSSCOMM first.
Several things were supposed to be circulated at the end of
the Delhi meeting, and as far as I recall there was not a
consensus on the form that the organisation should take.

Notwithstanding the above, what does lobbying involve? From
ILUG-D discussions what came out clearly was that we want to
be involved in:
(a) implementation, especially in education and teacher training.
(b) policy formulation.
Sorry, but there was lot less of an enthusiasm for actual
hobnobbing with government officials. However, if you can fill us
in on what is needed we can do our best to help out.


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