[fosscomm] Help required to form FOSSCOM as an alternate Industry and Civil Society body to NASSCOM

Jaijit Bhattacharya jaijit at dms.iitd.ac.in
Tue Jul 7 12:41:44 PDT 2009

Dear All,

Based on all the discussions that I had today, it is very clear that
NASSCOM and MAIT will be presenting the "industry" view of the Draft
Policy Standards for e-Governance being unacceptable.

The key issue is that neither NASSCOM, nor MAIT are truly representative
of the thousands of SME/SMB in the IT industry and the civil society in

Therefore, as suggested by many of you in the 2nd FOSSCOM meeting, it
would be EXTREMELY helpful if we could form the FOSSCOM quickly as an
alternate platform, and send a request to be included in the Apex
Committee that is deciding on the standards.

I therefore request you to send me an email approval of your organization
being represented by FOSSCOM for the Draft Policy on Standards for
e-Governance at the Apex Committee. If you can send this by today, then
the FOSSCOM representatives in Delhi can start lobbying for FOSSCOM to be
included in the Apex Committee.

Also, it would be extremely helpful if those in Delhi could volunteer to
lobby for FOSSCOM to be included in the Apex Committee.

Many thanks and regards

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