[fosscomm] URGENT: Need to lobby with NASSCOM, MAIT and MCIT

Nagarjuna G. nagarjun at gnowledge.org
Tue Jul 7 07:01:49 PDT 2009

I have sent this draft yesterday night from fsf india.

Dear Sir, 

Sub: Free/Open Standards for eGovernance

On behalf of Free Software Foundation of India
(http://www.GNU.org.in), I would like to record our appreciation for
DIT for drafting Standards Policy for e-Governance.  Upon reviewing
the latest version (dated 26-Feb-2009) we felt that India can set an
excellent example if we can go ahead and adopt this as our policy. As
one of the most resourceful ICT countries in the world, this kind of
policy will help to create a greener and cleaner digital environment.
Therefore, the policy is not only good for India but also for the 
of the world.  That way we can create a wonderful and healthy digital

We wish to also inform you our fears, since we know what the bigger
Industry players would always want, e.g., they would want us to make
room for their own document encodings, even if they cannot standout 
open standards, and they would not like royalty free formats.  If we
yield to these demands, let me affirm, is not in our country's
interest, and therefore request you to ensure that all the standards
remain open standards, and royaltee free implementations be possible
without any encumbrances.  We sincerely hope that the department will
not yield to such pressures from the Industry.  Any such provision
will make the entire effort go waste, for this will not help us to 
out of vendor lock-ins, and eliminate monopoly.  As an organization
that nurtures and supports freedom in computing, we find such
provisons are unacceptable for any freedom loving societies.

We are looking forward to hear this draft become effective as
immediately as possible in the present state.  We therefore request
you to use your good offices to look into the matter and notify the
policy without further amendments.

With warm regards,

Dr. Nagarjuna G.  
Chairperson, Free Software Foundation of India.  

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