[fosscomm] India's Draft Policy on Open Standards for eGovernance : Review Comments and Last Minute Drama

vinay ವಿನಯ್ vinay at itforchange.net
Mon Jul 6 06:56:54 PDT 2009

Dear All,

As you may already be aware, DIT released a draft policy on open 
standards for eGovernance-

The last date for review comments to be sent is 07 July 2009. Requesting 
members to please review the standards document and send in your 
feedback over the next few days. (the site says the document is closed 
for public review, but actually the last date for review comments is 
July 7, 2009)

Please mail your review comments to - dg at nic.in and egov.standards at nic.in

Also,there seems to be some last minute drama with some requests going 
in for  'multiple standards', thus defeating the whole point of this 

Venky Hariharan has articulated well on this issue at -

Please do read that entry.



Vinay Sreenivasa
IT for Change
vinay at itforchange.net


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