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> Read this for more details.

I think the way we had done the accessibility project by doing an
intensive workshop followed by approaching the right departments, we
must do a similar work here.
The option is to call trainners from different blind schools and also
resource teachers from regular schools where blind students study.

We can do a complete hands-on backed by documentation (I had done
similar thing in Kerala ).
Then we can at the same time talk with the MHRD to make them understand
the issue, because I believe most are completely unaware that a talking
software exists in the first place, let alone free or proprietory one.
So once freedom scientific reached there and demonstrated jaws and once
it was backed by people interested to promote it, the ministery decided
to include that brand.

So it is eventually a matter of creating the awareness firstly and also
trainning some trainnres in government schools so that they know that
such screen readers exist and they are free of charge and also
customisable (although the latter part is not very important to

happy hacking.

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