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narendra sisodiya narendra.sisodiya at gmail.com
Sat Jul 4 09:15:45 PDT 2009

Use this tread to post your admin task needed,

# modify logo (include extra 'm')

# shift the mailing list new domain or shift wiki to old domain,

# Change default setting for "reply"  -- reply should goes to mailing list
and not the person whose mail you are replying. Ask everybody to join
mailing list and use just "To: " field of mail

# Those who feel that fosscomm wiki editing is difficult or very busy, can
send "written text" to mailing list. We will upload to wiki.
      As per my views, our fosscomm wiki should reflect us and not what we
come up with in meeting. one should get a clear picture about us, our
activities, our conclusion and confusions by visiting our website. This
will  help us to in may ways like. This will bring trust and openness and
more online participation. Website will be  indexed by search engine.
      Also those who are writing blogs, sending letter to banks, nasscom  or
minister, please do share on mailing list, we will document it on web. Our
efforts/pattern can be replicate elsewhere.

#  It is better if we create interest wise contact list too, this will help
to locate more synergy point/persons

#  Deciding licence of fosscomm wiki - I think we should put the wiki
content in public domain or just use "CC-By 2.5 India" if there is not way
to put our content in public domain.

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