[fosscom] 4th July meeting

Nagarjuna G. nagarjun at gnowledge.org
Wed Jul 1 22:33:00 PDT 2009

On Thursday 02 Jul 2009 10:27:43 am parminder at itforchange.net wrote:
> Hi All
> As we discuss the issue of wider adoption of FOSS and its
> integration into policy frameworks, which I understand will
> dominate the meeting, I think we need to also deliberate upon our
> linkages to broader movements for social justice and equity. That
> is where our commitment to FOSS comes from. However, this
> connection is really not very clear in the minds of most
> influential actors in social change and social development arena.
> It is important that we make this connection clear and keep
> delving on it  if we have to mainstream the FOSS movement, and
> make it as the anchor and trigger for a larger technology
> governance paradigm that maximizes the opportunity of digital
> technologies for progressive social objectives.

Spreading the awareness of FOSS and free knowledge, free access etc
among orgs that work in social, health, justice, environment etc is
very important.  I agree with your proposal.  among us we can 
a task group for this activity. 

extending your VoIP example, we should also make ourselves clear as 
what we can do to enhance the social need for p2p networks, whether 
is adhoc wireless mesh, or p2p file sharing. the point you have 
about the control by ISPs is mostly dictated by the multinational
companies who send threatening letters to users, offices, when they
use p2p services, e.g. 

this brings us closer to various uses of DRM.  DRM is going to be the
biggest threat and that is what FOSS enimies will try to use, in this
step they will seek support from Govt in the name of protecting IPR
and security. we may also have to see if we can arrive a consensus on


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