[fosscom] Fosscomm and Unique Identification Database Authority

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Wed Jul 1 21:55:52 PDT 2009

On Wed, Jul 1, 2009 at 11:00, Nagarjuna G.<nagarjun at gnowledge.org> wrote:
> though I wish they could be.  If my replies are tangential and
> misplaced, my apologies.  I used this space to clarify my own
> thoughts on the matter.

Same here, and apologies if my mail sounded harsh - it was not the intent.

> all I can say is that we are working towards a consensual answer to
> both the questions.  I am as desperate as you are to find an answer,
> let us work towards it.

absolutely, my worry is that more onion layers are being created w.r.t
the UID as another document, when it would have been easier to tie in
the PAN card, VoterID, Rationcard and Passport information OR deem one
document (like the PAN card) mandatory for everyone - similar to
issuing a birth certificate which will make it easy to track tax
evasion too.

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